Court Rules

No weapons are permitted except those carried or possessed by commissioned Peace Officer(s).

Conduct required of all persons while attending court

While Court is in session there shall be: 

  1. No smoking, tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and/or smokeless tobacco.
  2. No chewing gum or candy. 
  3. No reading newspapers or magazines
  4. No talking or loud noises. 
  5. No food or beverages.
  6. No video or audio recording equipment of any kind shall be turned on in the courtroom without the prior approval of the Judge. Such equipment includes but is not limited to video camera, still cameras, and all audio recording devices. 
  7. Children may be asked to step out of the courtroom.
  8. Electronic devices must be turned off. 

No inappropriate attire including, but not limited to

  1. Tank tops
  2. Muscle shirts
  3. Flip flops 
  4. Vulgar, offensive language alcohol/drug related clothing
  5. Shorts 
  6. Hats
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Backpacks/over-sized bags

Conduct requirements of Counsel and Pro Se Defendants

  1. Attorneys must remain with their client(s) until all paperwork is completed and signed. 
  2. Pro Se Defendants (defendants actin g as their own counsel) shall conform their behavior to all provisions applicable to Counsel. 
  3. Request for a language interpreter should be made at the time a plea is entered. 
  4. Once a party has entered the courtroom and is appearing before the Court, he/she shall not leave without obtaining permission from the Court.
  5. The Court may enforce these rules of conduct and decorum  by appropriate action or sanctions. 
  6. Nothing herein shall prevent or prohibit the further adoption of additional rules of decorum.

Court Clerks are prohibited by law from giving legal advise.

Due to high volume of cases during court times your call may not be answered, please leave a brief phone message on the court/clerk voicemail and your call will be returned when a clerk is available.